Real Estate 101 December 17, 2019

New Year’s Resolutions for Home Buyers

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As the New Year approaches and goal setting begins, here are some New Year’s Resolutions to help put potential home buyers on the road to owning their dream home:

1. Make a list of your new home wants/needs.

2. Do your research on school districts and homes that are for sale in locations you like.

3. Save for a down payment, as well as closing costs, moving costs, home repairs/maintenance and other homeowner expenses.

4. Check your credit score.

5. Pay down credit card balances; avoid big credit purchases like new cars or furniture.

6. Prepare Federal Tax returns & W2s for the past 2 years.

7. Prepare bank statements for the past 6 months.

8. Prepare proof of any investment income.

9. Prequalify for a loan.

10. Start mortgage shopping to get the best rate.

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