Design October 4, 2021

Popular Fall Design Trends this 2021


Fireplace with pumpkin decorations for the fall season

Make your fireplace the centerpiece

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Autumn is one of our favorite seasons for redecorating because so much change is in the air. As we switch from the light and breezy designs of summer to the warm and cozy styles of autumn, we find a golden opportunity to go all-out with splashes of color and seasonal forward planning. The best thing about fall is that family and guests want to see bold splashes of color. As the weather gets dreary, nothing is more uplifting than a home filled with warm fall colors, cheerful decorations, and a roaring fire surrounded by welcoming chairs.

This year, fall design trends are focusing on mixed materials and especially bold designs. We’re embracing the colors and styles of fall to usher in energetic and uplifting autumn and a cheerful transition to the winter season.

1) Mixed Period Furniture

Mixed materials and styles are leading 2021 trends. This fall design trend is considered both stylish and creative but you don’t have to switch out your fixtures. Mixed period furniture, especially those polished to a beautiful gleam, are a beautiful addition to our modern eclectic style. Bring out your antique and heirloom pieces and decorate them each with a matching runner. Show off your grandmother’s oak armoire or your great uncle’s cherry sidebar with pride this year.

2) Decorate a Guest-Ready Home

Fall hearkens to the beginning of the Holiday season, which means traveling friends and visiting relatives. You may be planning to host this year’s Thanksgiving or Christmas, or planning a few holiday get-togethers with friends and neighbors you haven’t seen in months. Whether you are hosting dinners or hosting visitors in your guest room, it’s time to get the house ready for guests. In fact, this year it’s a decoration style.

Add more blankets and pillows to your seating to make it more welcoming. Refresh your guest room and go all-out to make it a beautiful fall and winter experience. Arrange your seating in a circle and set out a coffee station or sidebar of snacks that invites every visitor to indulge just a little.

3) Make Your Fireplace the Centerpiece

If your home has a fireplace, make it the center of your living space. Circle your seating around the fireplace and take time to decorate your hearth and mantelpiece. Find a beautiful centerpiece for your mantle and decorate the corners of your hearth with gourds or decorative piles of fragrant firewood. Place blankets and pillows nearby so that family can curl up on the floor and on the hearth while there’s a cheery fire in the fireplace.

4) Red that Deepens with the Season

One of the most elegant ways to transition your home decor to autumn and then into the holiday season is a simple theme of red. Start with a cheery red mixed with orange and cream to embrace the beautiful fall season. As the season depends, depend on the red. Deep red looks beautiful mixed with holiday season decor while the bright, bold red lifts the spirit as the weather changes in the fall.

5) Warm Palette Plaids Feel Like Autumn

Plaids don’t just look cozy, they’re hot this year as a warm and comfortable autumn decor trend. This year, we’re mixing plaids and tartans in warm autumn colors throughout the house. A plaid pillow here, a tartan blanket there, even tartan curtains can transform your home from breezy summer home to a warm and welcoming autumn abode.

6) Blend Dried Flowers, Pumpkins, Leaves, and Gourds

There is nothing that celebrates autumn more beautifully than dried autumn plants. Dried flowers, grains, and grass arrangements create bold and beautiful sprays for your centerpieces or elegant twists of wreaths around the house. Gourds and pumpkins are a fun way to surprise and delight your guests by hiding your fall-themed decor all over the house. Just be sure to decorate with dried, not fresh vegetables.

7) Lay Down Boldly Patterned Rugs

You can even cover your chilly floors in style. Bold geometric rugs are in style this autumn by transforming your floor into a party for the eyes and a treat for your feet. Deep plush rugs with high-contrasting and festive patterns can really put you into the fall celebrating mood, and they will uplift your guests as well.

Your home should be a place that makes you smile to walk through the front door or wake up in the morning. If you’re looking for the perfect home to spend this autumn or are getting ready to make your house wow-worthy for an autumn sale, contact us today! Our team would be proud to help make your home beautiful, cozy, and welcoming this time of year.

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