Real Estate 101 April 26, 2022

5 Tips On How To Prepare Your Home For Summer


Prepare your home for the summer

Spring Cleaning

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The sound of summer is pleasant to the ears. It’s the time to plan a vacation and spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather. As you look forward to the season, you also need to prepare your home. The cold season that’s almost ending can take a toll on your home, and it’s only imperative that you get it back in shape for summer.

This post guides you on what to do by May 1st to ensure your space cools more efficiently during summer.

Do Your Spring Cleaning

You have a long list of things to do during spring cleaning when your energy levels are up, and there’s extra sunlight to make the tasks enjoyable. While your actual spring-cleaning checklist may vary, it should entail freshening up those things you don’t usually get to during routine cleaning. Examples include:

  • Washing the windows inside and out
  • Vacuuming the curtains and upholstery
  • Dusting the light fixtures, inside and outside
  • Disinfecting the cabinet hardware, light switches, and stair rail.
  • Cleaning out the dryer vent
  • Pressure-washing the walkway and replacing damaged bricks or pavers
  • Sprucing up the front door
  • Cleaning the gutters

As a tip, ensure you first dust and vacuum the house. Sweeping should come last so that you pick up whatever falls off.

Check the Condition of the HVAC Systems

The HVAC system should be in perfect condition for summer, so you want to do some maintenance in advance to prepare your home. Summer is the prime time for all seasonal allergies, and the air filter should be clean and ready to go. You can check the type of filter you have and the last time you swapped it to determine if it’s time for a complete replacement. Most air filters need a replacement every 90 days.

Other pre-summer HVAC maintenance steps include ensuring the visible areas around the indoor and outdoor components of the system are free from debris and clutter. As a tip, leave about two feet of free space around each element. Remember to switch off the water to the furnace humidifier until fall, when you’ll switch it back on.

Inspect the Drainage System

If you have a large house, it’s understandable that it’s common to overlook minor issues. You probably haven’t checked the drainage system in a long while, and this is the perfect time to do so. To prepare your home, inspect it for any leakages and have the flaws repaired in good time. Enlist professional assistance to get rid of blocked water pipes and other nuances in the house. Drainage issues can become hazardous if left unattended for a long time.

Rotate the Ceiling Fans Counterclockwise

Running your ceiling fans counterclockwise allows them to push down cool air instead of vice versa. When you rotate them in this direction, you’ll draw moisture out of the air, which is crucial if you live in high humidity areas.

It’s generally recommendable to run your fans counterclockwise when running the air conditioning unit. Doing so is more efficient in cooling the home, including turning the AC a few degrees up. Keep the fans running at low speed for a comfortable downdraft to redistribute cool air throughout the room.

Inspect the Roof

A quick look at the roof can reveal problems that may have begun in the winter. Take steps to repair them before they get out of hand. Misaligned, missing, or cracked shingles are problems that can let water in, leading to more problems. You also must check the flashing for rust and inspect the caulk for cracks.

Final Thoughts

Ready or not, summer is on its way. These tips and tricks will enable you to get ahead of the game and prepare your home for the changing season. With only a few more days remaining, ensure you get started by May 1st to remain ahead of the game!

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