Real Estate 101 August 22, 2022

7 Tips for a Successful Open House


Real estate agent showing an apartment for sale to a young couple during an open house

Open House

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Owning a home is the ultimate catalyst for building generational wealth. And despite the constantly changing market that we are currently facing, there are still buyers and sellers entering the market daily. Therefore, it is imperative if you are an agent to capture the interest of clients to keep your sales moving. One key way to drive up interest in a property, meet potential new clients, AND successfully close a deal is to hold an open house.

How Does an Open House Help?

An open house allows potential buyers to tour the property. They’ll interact first-hand with the house and see the work and care the sellers put into it. Additionally, when clients visit the property in person, they can visualize themselves living in the home. 

With the recent spike in interest rates, it’s inevitable that buyers have reduced. This market shift has yielded competition among agents as one of the main real estate market trends of 2022. Therefore, as an agent, it is essential to make your listing stand out. With this strategy, you’ll:

● Attract the right clients
● Make a lasting impression
● Appeal to the buyers’ needs and interests
● Build a bigger pipeline
● Achieve more client conversion rate

To ensure your open house is successful, follow these tips:

Tips for a Successful Open House

1. Offer Virtual Open Houses

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, real estate markets experienced a hit. For example, the North Bay area was in limbo, with fewer purchases initially, and even now, many people are still hesitant to attend in-person events.

You can mitigate this challenge by offering a virtual open house for clients to view your property from the safety of their homes. You can use many different platforms to host your virtual open house based on what works best for you.

This strategy also allows time flexibility, catering to all schedules, preferences, and geographical locations. Consequently, you’ll have more views as clients can attend at their convenience and not get locked out due to time or place.

2. Allow Natural Light

One of the best ways to make your property look its best is by taking advantage of natural light. Here are a few tips to bring in natural light:

● Ask your clients to clean their windows thoroughly to let in maximum light.
● Move any furniture that’s blocking windows or creating shadows.
● Open up all the curtains and blinds in the home.

3. Use Food & Drinks

Offering food and drink will increase foot traffic at your open house while also encouraging visitors to stay longer in the home. Effortless strategies like serving simple finger foods can make potential buyers feel more welcome. This is also an excellent strategy if you are showcasing a home with a beautiful kitchen design or strong entertainment value! 

A bonus of being an agent in Wine Country? Wine of course! Research the location of your property before your open house event. Is there a winery nearby? Try offering the local choices at the open house! This will help give your clients more of a feel of their future neighborhood and the amenities that await them!

4. Advertise Online & Offline

Ensure you advertise the home online and offline. Start by putting up signs in the neighborhood and leaving flyers. Then, list your open house on all major real estate websites. You can also share it in a local newspaper ad and should definitely post it on social media; remember to use relevant real estate hashtags to attract the right audience.

And don’t forget your fellow agents! Cross promotion and referrals are also helpful in promoting your open house. Share your open house details with your fellow agents and ask them to promote it to their spheres. Give them all the details like photos, videos, links, and any other relevant property info.

5. Use a Digital Open House Sign-in

A digital open house sign-in, such as a QR Code, will allow you to collect information from visitors for later follow-up and pipeline tracking. Plus, it’s a great way to know who visited and what niche is more attracted to the property.

6. Host an Event

You’re more likely to attract many potential buyers by incorporating creative, fun, and unique activities at your open houses. The events will make it more memorable and entertaining. For example, you could hold a raffle with giveaways like gift cards to local restaurants, wineries, or shops!

Events like these will give potential homebuyers a reason to linger, allowing you to strike up a conversation, give a more intimate tour, show off the property, and collect contacts.


No matter the type of property you’re selling, an open house is a great way to attract potential buyers and show it off. To make your open house more successful, follow the above tips and tricks!

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