Home November 3, 2022

Cold Weather Curb Appeal


Frost on the leaf and grass.

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Cold Weather Plants

Get your landscape winter-ready with evergreen trees or plants that can stand up to the cold weather such as boxwoods or cypress.

Outdoor Lighting

As the days get shorter, having proper outdoor lighting will make your home safer and more attractive for buyers who come to visit at night.

Fresh Paint

Refresh trim and railings with a new coat of paint or stain. These details help revive your home for a fraction of the cost of painting the entire exterior. Ideally, you’ll want to complete this project before weather conditions turn stormy. 

Tidy Up Your Lawn

Your grass may no longer be green, but you can still keep your lawn looking neat so buyers can picture what it will look like in the spring and summer. Keep your lawn clean by periodically raking up leaves and other debris.

House Numbers & Mailbox

An easy way to boost curb appeal is to update your address numbers and mailbox. Swapping out address numbers takes less than an hour and only requires the new numbers, nails, and a hammer.

Welcome Mat

Accessorize your entry with a durable welcome mat. Shop for a doormat that’ll stand up to wet, muddy boots all winter long. Message-wise, keep it simple, or rather go for a fun design!

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