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Point Arena is centrally located on the Northern coast of California and is surrounded by some of the most beautiful country in the entire world. Point Arena is truly a unique place with a historic Lighthouse at one end and a Pier at the other. This small coastal city in Mendocino County is built around a small harbor and offers a variety of shops, restaurants and lodging options. Point Arena's main street comprises part of scenic Highway One, California's coastal artery. The very walkable downtown includes a city park, library, bike path, historic theater and charming older buildings.


The Point Arena Lighthouse stands as an iconic figure on the landscape of the American Pacific Coast. No other lighthouse offers such a fully interactive experience in the exchange between history, science and natural beauty. Surrounded by water on three sides, and shouldered adjacent to the Point Arena-Stornetta Unit of the California Coastal National Monument, the Point Arena Lighthouse is the premiere visitor destination in Mendocino County. It is also one of the best whale watching spots on the North Coast, with the annual Gray Whale migration from late November through May, Humpbacks throughout the year, the occasional pod of transient Killer Whales and even Blue Whales. 


Point Arena is a growing, vibrant and diverse town that is worth your time to visit. The Point Arena Merchants Association (PAMA) offers a comprehensive map of Point Arena’s many restaurants, shops, markets, attractions, entertainment venues, services and more!

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