Agent of the Month October 25, 2023

Agents of the Month – Tedi Spain and Maria Kenney



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Congratulations to our October Agents of the Month, Tedi Spain and Maria Kenney! The dynamic duo behind Home Team Platinum, Tedi and Maria work hard to present a united front to their clients that is built on professionalism and market knowledge. No matter what they end each transaction with their client’s needs not just being met, but exceeded. Keep reading to learn more about Tedi and Maria!


What three words would you use to describe your approach to the real estate business?:

Maria: Compassion, Integrity, Relationships. Tedi: Professionalism, Integrity, Relationships.


What’s one aspect of your business that you are looking to improve on this year? In what ways/how would like to see yourself improve?:

Maria: We both appreciate W’s commitment to education and training. Participating in further education programs and earning more designations.

Tedi: There’s always room for improvement. I have 4 professional designations and I would like to earn more. I may even at some point like to get my Brokers License. I love to keep learning!


To what do you attribute your success most?:

Maria: Our partnership as a team. One of us is always available for our clients and we are able to continually give 100%. We keep each other laughing and work hard together when things get challenging. Success is loving what you do!

Tedi: Hard work and our partnership as a team! Both of us have kids and grandkids and we help each other balance work and family. Also, the support of our family, friends, and clients as they are the heart of our business. Success is loving what you do!


If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out in real estate, what would it be?:

Maria: Familiarize yourself with all the listings in your area. Attend broker tours and see new listings. When someone asks you about a listing, knowledge is key. Be the expert!

Tedi: Work your sphere and know current market conditions.


What’s the one piece of advice you always give your clients first?:

Maria: We don’t think our job is to give advice first. Our job is to listen to our clients and keep their needs in our mind while accomplishing our job. For first-time buyers, we always tell them there are no dumb questions. We know this can be stressful, and we are here to help facilitate and make this process as easy as possible.

Tedi: We don’t think our job is to give advice first. We listen to our client’s needs while accomplishing our job. We try to make the process as easy as possible for them. Price, Condition, Availability. It’s all relative to their needs!


Failure is a natural part of achieving success. How do you recoup when things don’t necessarily go your way?:

Maria: Tedi and I will bounce ideas off of each other, and discuss how we could have done things differently. There are so many personalities that we deal with and it’s impossible to predict how things will go. We are constantly learning and growing, boosting each other up, and moving forward.

Tedi: We bounce ideas off of each other and discuss how we could have done things differently. We are constantly learning and growing. Positive thinking, communication, learn from it, and turn it around. There are always hurdles, keep moving forward.


If work-life balance is important to you how can you tell if you are getting it right?:

Maria: Having enough money to support doing all the things you love! Our partnership as a team allows us to have a work-life balance. Family always comes first. We both feel that way.

Tedi: Teamwork. Use your support team. Stay Motivated. Our partnership allows us to a work-life balance. We both feel family comes first.


What roles have mentors played in your life and career?:

Maria: Tedi invited me (Maria) to join her in Real Estate 9 years ago, so I was able to change careers. She was definitely my mentor, spending so much time helping me with the ins and outs of a transaction. Throughout the years, she has always been so positive and light-hearted. If I can mirror that, I am a winner!

Tedi: They told me family comes first. I have worked hard but have also enjoyed the flexibility to raise my kids, enjoy time with my grandkids, and enjoy life as well.


What risks were you willing to take when starting out in your career and how have they benefitted you?:

Maria: Starting a career that is 100% commission is stressful. Just getting out and doing the job when you don’t have the experience is truly the only way to learn. You gain confidence when you push yourself out of your comfort zone.

Tedi: Real Estate has its pros and cons. Going from a full-time salary to a commission-based only is tough. You have to stay motivated, constantly market yourself, and work hard. You have to be able to adapt to many different situations and stay positive through the good and bad times. On the flip side, it is great to have the flexibility to spend time with family and friends so you have that balance of life and work.


If you could only ever visit one business again in Sonoma/Mendocino/SF County, what would it be and why?:

Maria: A Sonoma County winery!!! Everyone is happy! So much beauty in our vineyards!

Tedi: This is tough because we have so many great businesses surrounding us. We are truly blessed to live and work where we do. Do What You Love…Love What You Do!


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