Agent to Watch October 26, 2023

Agent to Watch – Steve Bowne

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Meet Steve Bowne, one of our October Agents to Watch! Steve is newer to the real estate game but you wouldn’t know it. He takes a future-oriented approach to his business, through which he finds the motivation to stay up to date on market trends and challenges so that he may continue to make the best possible decisions on behalf of his clients. Keep reading to learn more about Steve!


What was the first thing you wrote on your to-do list for today?:

Don’t forget to take lunch. I often get too busy and don’t have time to stop my day for 30 minutes.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?:

The best piece of advice I have ever been given is “Don’t compare yourself to others.” It’s natural for us to compare ourselves to others, especially in the age of social media where everyone’s highlights are on display. Instead of focusing on what others have or have achieved, it’s important to focus on our own journey, progress, and personal growth.


What is your favorite part about working in real estate in this part of the world?:

The ability to go to the snow and the ocean all in the same day. Northern California is a great place to reside.


Tell us about a recent challenge you came upon and how you conquered it.:

Competition has been a challenge while being a new agent. Successful agents stay updated with market trends, have effective marketing strategies, and build a strong network of potential buyers and sellers. Buyers and sellers often have different expectations, and it’s my role to bridge the gap and provide realistic guidance. Clear communication, setting proper expectations, and providing expert advice have helped me overcome this challenge. Finally, the ability to stay motivated and resilient despite occasional setbacks is crucial. Having a positive mindset, continuous self-improvement, and a strong support system have helped me conquer these challenges.


What role has mentorship played in your career?:

Mentorship has given me success by teaching me everyday values. The work you put in today will impact you 90+ days down the road. This helps me stay focused and set goals.


What’s your favorite home design feature that you wish more homes had?:

I lived on the East Coast for many years. A large percentage of homes in Central NY have a basement, these provide many uses. I think we need more homes with basements here in California.


If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?:

I wish I could have dinner with my sister. She passed in 2007. We were close in age and shared friendships, hobbies, and many similar interests.


Someone is coming to visit Sonoma/Mendocino/SF County. Where should they go first?:

I would recommend to go and see the Redwoods. There are many Redwood Groves throughout our counties that are absolutely amazing and provide different experiences. The world’s 11th tallest Redwood is located just outside of Ukiah in Montgomery Woods State Park.


What’s something you’re looking forward to in the upcoming year? (Wedding, vacation, new opportunity, etc.):

I am hopeful that interest rates will be going down in the upcoming year.


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