Blog December 5, 2023

How to Set Realistic and Actionable Goals for 2024


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It’s that time of the year again! When we all take a moment to plan out our perfect 2024. For you, you are thinking of a wise way to set realistic and actionable goals to stabilize your personal growth. But for most people, there’s always a bit of uncertainty going into this process. Putting too much pressure on yourself to reach certain goals (without actionable steps) runs the risk of feeling unhappiness and a sense of defeat further down the line. By setting realistic goals with thoughtful, actionable steps to meet these goals, you can set yourself up with a plan that is easy to follow throughout 2024, making this your best and most successful year yet! Check out these tips and tricks to get yourself started.  

Get SMART With Your Goals

Sometimes, setting new year resolutions isn’t the problem—what you choose to focus on, and how, matters. One helpful step is to adopt the SMART goals tactic to increase your success rate.

Let’s take the example of saving money to walk through what SMART goals are. 

  • Specific: Determine the exact amount of money you want to save in the new year. Do a reality check of the goals and define your intentions. Why do you want the cash?
  • Measurable: Set limits you can track over time. You can break down the savings into small manageable weekly bits to make the venture easier and less intimidating.
  • Attainable: Save within your means. Look at the commitment needed and confirm it doesn’t interfere with your livelihood. For example, it is unrealistic to try to save $2,000 each month when your budget can only allow for $1,000.
  • Relevant: Save feasible amounts of cash that can help you achieve your “why.” For example,  you can’t save $100 each month for one year and expect to do significant home renovations without sourcing funding elsewhere.
  • Time-bound: Set timeframes to evaluate how well your plan is working. Checking in with yourself will help keep you disciplined within your plans, and ensure you’re on the right track. For example, if you are adamant about saving $1,000 monthly, you should have $6,000 in the first half of the year. Hitting these metrics will help you stay on the right track.

Write Down and Share Your Goals

Lack of a conducive environment and motivation is a big reason why some people can easily get derailed from their course. Writing down goals in a handbook can be a wise and productive way to track your progress for the new year and beyond.

You can keep a journal of the goals to help you recognize patterns. If you feel less motivated, all hope isn’t lost. Find good social support within your circle or a partner to help you crush the goals, make lasting changes, and stay accountable for the year.

Enlist Help From Technology

You may be mulling over how technology can help you set realistic and actionable goals. There are loads of apps you can use to guide you through and monitor your resolutions. Your pick will depend on what you want to achieve. 

For example, if your goal is to buy, sell, or renovate your home, you can download a realtor app to familiarize yourself with the trends and estimates. Another option would be a journal and planning app such as Notable, instead of a handbook.

Stick With What Works 

Being honest with yourself is key to successfully making strides in the new year! Not every goal you set for yourself will come to fruition (at least not right away, or even within the year). And that’s okay! Additionally, you may be faced with some challenges or changes along the path that will be difficult for you to adapt to and overcome. They may feel overwhelming or like they will derail your progress, but that’s definitely not the case. 

Check with yourself to affirm you are making progress. Plan your ideas, follow through the process, and believe in yourself. Be realistic—make changes if necessary! You CAN smash your goals and expectations for the new year.

It’s tempting to hit the ground running when it comes to setting your goals and getting on track for the new year. Following this guide will help you set realistic goals with actionable steps, getting you on the path to success in 2024. Don’t over-rely on other people to track your progress. Ultimately, setting realistic goals and conquering them is possible if you start on the right track and stay motivated.