Agent to Watch January 2, 2024

Agent to Watch – Sandra Lopez

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Congratulations to Sandra Lopez, a January Agent to Watch! Sandra knows that no two transactions are the same, but when you’re trusted with finding your clients their dream home it is more than worth it to go the extra mile, do the extra work, and make those dreams of homeownership come true. Keep reading to learn more about Sandra!


What was the first thing you wrote on your to-do list for today?:

Follow up with potential clients that I have been in contact with for the past few weeks.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?:

Never give up!


What is your favorite part about working in real estate in this part of the world?:

I love helping people find their dream home.


Tell us about a recent challenge you came upon and how you conquered it.:

As a real estate agent, navigating challenges is an integral part of the job. Recently, I encountered a situation in which the parties involved had differing expectations regarding the sale price, property repairs, and the timeline for closing the deal. To conquer the situation, I initiated open and transparent communication with all parties involved. Understanding their motivations, concerns, and priorities allowed me to identify common ground and potential areas of compromise. I conducted a thorough market analysis to provide objective data supporting the proposed sale price. To address concerns about property repairs, I worked with a contractor to estimate costs and proposed a creative solution that all parties were happy with. When it came to the timeline, it helped to set clear expectations and deadlines that all parties agreed to. Overall, I focused on a win-win scenario. This involved emphasizing the value of the property and the benefits of reaching an agreement that met the needs of all parties involved.


What role has mentorship played in your career?:

Mentorship is very important to me. I like to know that I can turn to someone who can share their experiences and help navigate challenges that come up.


What’s your favorite home design feature that you wish more homes had?:

One home design feature that I wish there were more of is the smart home technology integration. As technology continues to advance, homeowners increasingly seek homes equipped with intelligent and interconnected devices that can enhance convenience, security, and energy efficiency.


If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?:

If I could have dinner with anyone, I would choose my dad. My dad passed away eight years ago. I miss the advice he always gave me. Especially, knowing he had my back. He always was honest about his opinion and would let me know what I could do better.


Someone is coming to visit Sonoma/Mendocino/SF County. Where should they go first?:

I would definitely recommend Healdsburg. Healdsburg is a small town but offers a picturesque town square, boutique shops, art galleries, and a variety of dining options. It’s also surrounded by beautiful wineries with many wine tasting options to choose from. Healdsburg also has the Russian River and Lake Sonoma they can visit.


What’s something you’re looking forward to in the upcoming year? (Wedding, vacation, new opportunity, etc.):

As a real estate agent, I’m genuinely looking forward to the upcoming year and the opportunities it holds. One aspect that I’m particularly excited about, is learning more about the local real estate market to be able to help my clients, both buyers and sellers, to provide valuable insight, and provide the best service that I can.


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