Agent to Watch February 21, 2024

Agent to Watch – Mayra Benitez

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Meet Mayra Benitez, a March Agent to Watch!  Mayra is a student of her craft, and she knows that going into each transaction with an open mind will help her better learn what her clients need from her and will help her rise to the occasion in all situations. Check out our blog below to learn more about Mayra!


What was the first thing you wrote on your to-do list for today?:

Buyer follow-up calls.


What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?:

Put it in a spreadsheet.


What is your favorite part about working in real estate in this part of the world?:

The territory we cover is absolutely amazing. Breathtaking views, beautiful drives, and so much acreage to walk!


Tell us about a recent challenge you came upon and how you conquered it.:

There have been hiccups along the way as I transitioned into real estate. But I did what I do anytime a challenge presents itself: look for a solution, keeping in mind that not everyone will be fully satisfied, but knowing that everyone has the opportunity to gain something, whether it’s an experience, freedom, getting to the end of a chapter, or just movement in general, there’s always an opportunity. But above all, especially when faced with challenges, I believe in the importance of being kind and grateful.


What role has mentorship played in your career?:

In every job that I have ever held, there has been a mentor by my side. From education to wineries and vineyards, I have been guided by someone who has had patience and faith in me. I work hard, have learned, and continue to learn so I can one day be a mentor to someone who may need me.


What’s your favorite home design feature that you wish more homes had?:

Outdoor entertaining spaces are a must!


If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?:

Author Laurie Notaro, because I have read all her books and I love her sense of humor! If I’m going out to dinner, I want to make sure it’s with someone who I can share a bottle of wine with and who will make me laugh.


Someone is coming to visit Sonoma/Mendocino/SF County. Where should they go first?:

W Real Estate in Ukiah!


What’s something you’re looking forward to in the upcoming year? (Wedding, vacation, new opportunity, etc.):

My daughter’s Quinceañera is happening this summer! It’s going to be a huge event, with all my friends and family sharing what promises to be a day/evening to remember. There will be dancing, traditional music, a church ceremony, traditional Mexican food, drinks, cake and maybe even karaoke because, why not? This will be the biggest birthday party thrown in my family for sure and I am definitely looking forward to that this year!


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